Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pictures and junk from Singapore

Before we came to Indonesia, we had to stop for a couple of days in Singapore to process our visas. Singapore is a weird place. Very weird. Nothing like Indonesia. It's clean. And if you make it not clean, you are breaking the law. Durians, by the way, are very bizarre fruits that apparently taste like soft garlic, and smell horribly. It is testament to their particular tendency to incite vomiting that they needed a whole extra regulation - the "No eating" rule wasn't enough.

The main thing we did in Singapore was handle our visas, which was a strange experience. We went to meet the school's agent at the McDonalds Friday morning. We were expecting some pleasantries, perhaps before getting down to business. Oh no. Not even a smile. He requested our passports immediately, followed by a wad of cash. It's slightly unsettling to meet a stranger at the McDonalds in a foreign country on hand over your passport and a wad of cash, on the promise that you will get the passport back later that day. Luckily, he kept his word and returned our passports with visas later that afternoon at the Mickey D's.

Our time in Singapore was quite limited, but we did get to visit Little India and the Botanic Gardens. It was also hard to completely enjoy everything due to the jet lag and intense heat. But here are some pictures!

I think maybe the line-marker person had a few too many Tigers the day he painted this street...
Here's us drinking some weird green drink with weird flavors ice cream in it. I think mine was milk flavored and Sarah's was bean.

We also visited the National Orchid Museum. And now, loads of pictures of orchids!

There are so many cool pictures to choose from, but those are some of the best.

Here's our strange breakfast the last morning.

One last picture...for the fam. Do you remember on our last night from Jeopardy they had the question about the largest ferris wheel in the world being in Singapore? Well, here it is.

Hopefully soon I will have some pictures from Surabaya. And maybe a thing or two to say, as well.

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