Saturday, October 30, 2010

When it rains, it pours.

We had our first experience with riding our bikes in the floods of rainy season today. We hopped on my bike to head to the DVD store, maybe pick up a scary movie in honor of Halloween, but we never made it. We live right off a busy road called Mayjen Sungkono. We got on MS and within minutes, it started pouring. We pulled over and put on our ponchos, said, "Fuck it, we're already wet," and kept riding. Shortly after the roads were completely flooded. We stopped under a bridge with a couple hundred other motorbikers and tried to wait it out, stopping up traffic on MS for miles. Eventually, we decided it wasn't getting any better. So we hopped back on and ventured back on our way. The water was getting higher and higher and we were going about 3 mph. Everytime we stopped I stuck my feet down in ankle-deep brown water. We could see on the side roads the water was waist-deep. Around that time, some guys on the side of the road were warning people that up ahead the water was up to your chest. Granted, Indonesians are a short people, but that's deep enough to convince us that we didn't need a scary movie. So we turned around and headed home. Luckily, we made it home safe and sound. But it was definitely one of the scariest experiences I've had on a bike.

Speaking of safe and sound, in case you were wondering, we luckily were not affected by the rash of natural disasters of late in Indonesia. The earthquake and tsunami were about 800-900 miles away. The volcano is much closer, just a few hours drive, but still not close enough to affect us. We are very lucky, but there are hundreds who weren't as fortunate, and thousands others who were affected. If you can help the displaced in any way, even if it's just keeping them in your thoughts and prayers (if you're into praying and all), it is much appreciated. But Sarah and I are very fortunate. And we know it.

Miss you all! Selamat malam.

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