Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Last Island Paradise

Time moves on, things change, we end up in a different hemisphere. The usual. We've been back in the States for almost three months now. We lucked into teaching jobs in the first month back. They're not good jobs. But hey, they're jobs. We're living in the basement at my parents' house. The normal for any 31-year old and his girlfriend.

But three months is a long time for us to stay put. We're on the move again. This time we're headed to Brattleboro, Vermont for grad school. We're doing the MATESOL program at SIT. That's enough acronyms for now.

As I look back over the pictures from our year in Indo, it brings back many amazing memories. Some bad ones too. But mostly really, really good. That's the great thing about time. Those negative things tend to fade, and the good things become great. I don't know if I'll ever live in Indonesia again (there are way too many other new places to explore), but I know I'll be back some day to spend some time. It's a wonderful place filled with the nicest people in the world.

I have lots of random pictures to share from the last few weeks in Indonesia, but these are all from our last short vacation. We spent a long weekend in the Gilis, Gili Meno to be specific. It was the only place we went to twice. It is a beautiful place, and only about a 45 minute flight away (plus an hour in a car past lots of monkeys, and a short boat ride). Looking at these pictures, I start to wonder why in the hell we left.

 We arrived in Mataram, the city with the airport, to a typical Indonesian monsoon, complete with flooding. No problem, just throw on a poncho and you'll be alright. It's the Indo-way.

When the rain cleared, we had this view from the taxi.

The view from our porch.

Part of the bathroom.

Lucky kids.

Over there!

Pouting about having to leave the Gilis.

Andrew finds a short boat! 

 He tries to escape into the blue sea!
 C'mon, c'mon!

A pretty lackluster "hell yeah" from Sarah.
Holy crap, look at that water.

I know there's a joke to be made somewhere here...

Caption contest?

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